Welcome to the Robotics and Intelligent Systems Lab

Our research focuses on dynamics and control of robotics and intelligent systems. We are interested in integrating mechanically intelligent designs with dynamic and efficient control strategies on biologically inspired robots and man-made machines in order to radically improve their functions, pushing the boundaries of what robots are capable of.

The Robotics and Intelligent Systems Laboratory was founded within the Department of Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering, City University of Hong Kong by Dr Pakpong Chirarattananon.

Lab news

  • Check out our latest work on the hybrid aerial-aquatic microrobot published in the journal Science Robotics [video] (10/2017)
  • Dr Chirarattananon will be present at the International Conference on Intelligent Robotics and Application (ICIRA 2017) in Wuhan, China as an invited speaker for the “Soft, Micro-Nano, Bio-inspired Robotics” session from Aug 15-18 (08/2017).
  • Our Science paper on perching of a robotic insect with electrostatic adhesion in 2016 has been selected by the Chinese Academy of Science as one of the top 10 papers in Physics that have the highest public impact in 2016 (06/2017).
  • Dr Chirarattananon will be among eight speakers at the Technology Forums as part of the Frontier Research & Innovation event at CityU on 12 April 2017. Further details can be found at the event page (03/2017).
  • Our paper, “Dynamics and flight control of a flapping-wing robotic insect in the presence of wind gusts”, appears in the journal Interface Focus (02/2017).
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